Interior Lighting, Landscape Lighting and Lighting Control System Design Services

From initial consultation to final lighting adjustments, our mission is to add value to every project and property, beyond illumination.

Consultation with Design Team Members

  • Meet with Architect, review existing plans and architectural detail
  • Meet with Client and Design Team to determine lighting needs and desired effects
  • Discuss schedule with Contractor
  • Request furniture plans from Interior Designer

Lighting Design

  • Determine appropriate lighting for task lighting, architectural lighting, art illumination, decorative, general and specialty lighting
  • Select, specify and locate all light fixtures and switch locations
  • Generate light fixture specifications based on extensive review and evaluation of current LED technologies
  • Layout switching and dimming specifications
  • Create and distribute light fixture specification booklets

Interior and Landscape Lighting Design Services

Complete Lighting Plans

  • Produce plans in AutoCAD®
  • Convert hand drawings to AutoCAD®
  • Provide comprehensive drawings with symbol legends to identify light fixture type and location
  • Create and distribute Title-24 compliant residential permit lighting plans, construction lighting plans and “As Built” drawings
  • Collaborate / cooperate with Energy Consultant for non-residential Title-24 compliance
  • Revise lighting plans as necessary to keep current with architectural / design changes
  • Prepare lamping plans upon request

Lighting Control Systems

  • Assist Client in determining budget for lighting controls
  • Assist in selection of lighting controls based on Client’s budget and functional requirements
  • Design and layout of controls including load list, keypad layout and light fixture looping
  • Document controls for proper installation
  • Design keypads to minimize the number of buttons per plate and maximize flexibility and ease of use
  • Create keypad engraving design for all controls
  • Instruct Client on how to operate and program controls

Project Supervision and Management

  • Attend design and construction meetings at different stages of project
  • Gain agreement on lighting design concepts with Client and other design disciplines
  • Ensure accurate communication of lighting design concepts
  • Ensure proper installation of lighting and control equipment by timely on-site job supervision

Final Focusing and Lighting Adjustments

  • Install specialty lamps, louvers, lenses, and optical devices
  • Adjust accent light fixtures to properly illuminate the subject(s)

Custom Lighting Mock-Ups

  • Demonstrate specific lighting effects for Clients and Design Team members

Lighting Renderings

  • Provide conceptual lighting renderings using AGi32 software

Photometric Calculations

  • Calculate light fixture foot candles using AGi32 software and provide formatted photometric plan

Product Testing and Evaluation